Ke$ha and Other Local Heroes Work to Help Animal Victims of Flood

It has been a harrowing past few days for all of us in Nashville..

The city declared a State of Emergency, the Red Cross Shelters are full, Fema officials have arrived, some of us are still without power, and we must ration our water. While, at the same time, many, many residents drag the soggy remains of their possesions out of what was once their homes.
There are as of right now, an untold number of lost pets, the city has reported that they are picking up lots of dead pets, and our city Animal Control is past capacity. The Nashville Humane Society has been working with the Red Cross to help with the pets brought to the Red Cross shelters and they have also been spending night and day attempting to rescue animals displaced in the flood.

This morning I paid a visit to Animal Control. Director Judy Ladebauche told me she was simply amazed at how so many Nashvillians have stepped up and brought food and supplies even when their own living circumstances were difficult.

I admit my first reaction to this disaster was the welfare of my own pets...we had what I am certain was a tornado at 6 a.m. on Sunday, then a lightening strike at 4 that afternoon....and we couldn't leave because of flooding...and we were the lucky ones. This view from the backyard....

....... and another from the front yard gives you an idea of the storm issues we had along with over 13 inches of rain.

The news media has mostly focused on the damage to city landmarks such as this Huffington Post photo of the Gaylord hotel. And to have the historic area of the city including the Grand Ole'Opry and the Symphony Center under water is very sad indeed. But nothng is as sad as losing your home, a relative, or your pet...

... I was especially heartened when pop phenom and local girl Kesha showed up at Animal Control with over a thousand pounds of supplies. It is people like Kesha that make Nashville such a special city, not because of her talent, but because of her heart.

Right now there are dogs with uncertain futures like this yellow Lab mix at Animal Control.

Another local hero, the amazing artist, and fellow blogger, Bernie Berlin went to Animal Control to take some of the animals to her farm
known as 'A Place to Bark'. Watch this vid of Bernie at Animal Control today and see some of those displaced canines.
By taking on some of these dogs, Bernie is helping Animal Control have space for the dogs who haven't been captured yet
With heroes like these, the situation in Nashville is not as bad as it could have been. But we still need help.You can donate online to the Nashville Humane Society's effort to save these animals and learn more about their flood rescue efforts by going here
and Bernies' rescue site has several ways to donate including art auctions,, Nashville has one of the highest pet ownership percentages per capita in the country, which means we have a lot of pet owners and now we have a lot of pets and owners who are displaced by a natural disaster. Please, if you can, be a hero too....thanks.