A Dry Bath for Cold Weather

The weather this week has been freezing and if you are like me you don't like to bathe your dog when it is this cold both outside and in. A dry bath should get you through to warmer temps and it is inexpensive and simple to do.
An easy formula to dry bathe your dog is to use cornstarch or a mix of cornstarch and cornmeal brushed through the coat. Your dogs' coat type will determine which is the best homemade formula to use. If you have a slightly oily type coat such as on a Yorkie or Bearded Collie use ¼ cornmeal with the cornstarch and add a pinch of salt. If you have a double coated dog such as a Malamute use 1/3 cornmeal with 2/3 cornstarch and a pinch of baking soda or a small quantity of an aromatic herb such as finely crushed rosemary or lavender. This is also ideal for short coats like Labs, and will work for hardcoated terrriers too. (With the exception of most Westies or Schnauzers,for them, use the Yorkie mix.) For silky coats like Afghan Hounds,Maltese and spaniels, use just cornstarch with a pinch of baking soda.
It is easiest to put the mix in a shaker can and separate the haircoat into sections, shaking on the mix, working it into the coat lightly then thoroughly brushing it out using a natural bristle, not nylon or metal, brush. Don't do the face, just clean that with a damp washcloth.
Waterless shampoo is popular this time of year and my favorite is John Paul Pet and the Mela Miracle brand...but remember, they cost a lot more than cornstarch!If static electricity is an issue with your dogs' coat you can wipe him down with a NON-TOXIC eco- friendly dryer sheet. For dry skin flakes, a nylon stocking pulled over brush bristles will help remove those flakes from the hair. This time of year the dry heat in our homes can really bring on the doggie dandruff...
Occasionally if we are going somewhere and Puff doesn't have time for a proper bath, either wet or a dry one, I will whip out an Olay cleansing towelette and wipe him down all over. They clean far, far better than any canine wipes I have used and cost the same. Since I use them all ready myself there really is no extra expense. The Garnier brand doesn't clean as well but does leave behind a wonderful green tea fragrance. If someone has come out with a green tea scent canine cologne, let me know as it smells particularly good on dogs, very clean and natural.
Speaking of canine colognes, did you know that some of the top perfumers sell their overstock to canine cologne manufacturers because they don't want their designer name brand product in the human discount stores? I can't mention any names but believe me when I say I have that info on good authority, so the next time you smell a canine cologne and think it smells like your mother -in -laws expensive French perfume,it probably is!