What To Do With All That Dog Poop !

This weekend my friend Jon is making an inground dog waste digester. For Jon, and all of you out there who wonder what to do with all that dog poop I am revisiting this subject....

My neighbor used to have two large sporting type dogs. We live in a historical downtown urban neighborhood where the leash law is enforced and picking up after your dog is the law. He never mastered the art of walking two dogs on a leash so he would walk one dog on a leash and yell at the other one to get out of the road during the whole walk.
Perhaps if he wasn't always carrying a cat litter scoop in his free hand, he may have been able to walk both dogs at the same time.
And yes, he did pickup after his dogs. He would pick up the poop with the cat litter scoop and then catapult it into the street or the alley, whichever was closer.
Needless to say, there were those of us quite annoyed by this. Nothing quite like having the tread of your car tires wearing dog poop in the middle of summer!
Picking up dog poop is pretty much the least attractive feature of dog ownership. Many people in my area pay professional pooper scoopers to come clean up their yard. At 40 dollars a dog that can really add up. Especially if like my aformentioned neighbor, you feed a sub par dog food that produces copious amounts of stool.
But it doesn't have to be a chore. Biodegradable bags are available at a reasonable price, corn based, they degrade along with the poop. In a pinch you can recycle your plastic grocery bags but they are not biodegradable and we want to be green, don't we?
I noticed at the dog park this week-end that people are stealing the poop bags the city supplies. Shame on those people! I carry my own when we go to the park. To pick it up, simply turn the bag inside out like a glove over your hand, grimace, and then pick it up,turning the bag right side in. Deposit it in the nearest proper receptacle. Don't do like I once did and absent mindedly put it in your coat pocket! For those of you lucky enough to have a yard that you have to poop scoop, I once made my own doggy waste septic system, similar to the famed Doggie Dooley.
And here is how-

Take a trash can, plastic or galvanized, with a secure lid. I used a galvanized can. The can only needs to be 2 to 3 feet tall. Have some one who is adept at such things cut the can bottom off leaving the sides about 3 ft deep with no bottom. Dig a hole 3.5 or 4 ft deep and wide enough to bury the can in a suitable place in your yard. Bury the can with the rim protruding enough you can take the lid on and off easily. Two inches should do. In the bottom of the hole you want to layer gravel (I used granite gravel but you could use river bed gravel or even aquarium gravel)with activated charcoal like you buy at the pet store followed by another layer of gravel and charcoal. Add water, rain water will do fine, just above the gravel line, and add the Doggie Dooley enzymes that help break down the stool faster. Every pet store I know sells them, they are inexpensive and generally you don't have to add more enzymes for about 6 months. Now as you scoop the poop up in the yard just drop it in the ground and replace the lid securely. The enzymes will naturally go to work breaking down the poop into something more environmentally suitable. This will work for 2 medium sized dogs or one really big dog,or several toy dogs. And since the lid is sitting in your yard where everyone can see it, I recommend decorating it. If you have really green grass (and if you have dogs you probably don't)you could just paint it green to blend in, but hey, get creative. Put your dogs' name on it, decorate it with paw prints or flowers. Make it fun, because having one makes doggy clean up a whole lot better!