That Bump on Your Dogs' Foot Could Be Deadly

Last year I took Puff to the vet for a little bump between his toes. I didn't go to our regular vet who is a 45 minute drive away, I went to the 'fast food' like service at a vet clinic located in a pet store. Big mistake as the vet asked why I was there and I replied,'' You tell me".
Well, he didn't tell me, instead he attempted to say that Puff had an ear infection,( he didn't and never has had an ear infection)...
...I would have thought that the red bandage on his foot would have been a dead giveaway but apparently not.
I impolitely demanded my money back and we made the 45 minute drive to our real vet who confirmed what I had suspected, that Puff had an interdigital cyst...with a good diagnosis, I refused antibiotic treatment saving some bucks, and took him home, put a warm bread poltice on it, some triple antibiotic and rebandaged. It healed without incident.
If this was so minor, you may have wondered why I insisted on paying for an office visit...because bumps and lumps on your dogs' foot can very often mean cancer. Prompt diagnosis means the greatest chance of recovery.
My friends William and Edens' Bernese Mountain Dog, Kip, was a victim of a cancerous tumor on his foot. He required surgery and chemo as the bone was involved by the time they sought veterinary attention...and at that time the bump was still small. Smaller masses mean less expense for treatment. According to a study I recently learned of, almost half of the lumps and bumps were malignant tumors, many of them appeared to simply be small open wounds. These toe tumors can spread to the lungs and other parts of the body before you know it.
If your dog develops a bump on his foot, it is best to err on the side of caution.