Problems with Flea Medications

Jazz and Puff have enjoyed a cooler than usual summer flea free, but many dogs and their owners have had a lot of problems.
I have had many reports of Frontline not killing fleas within a week of application and even more alarming than that is many people have told me that when they complained to the veterinary clinic where they purchased it they were told by staff members to reapply!
Ok folks, lets not overdose our dogs.
I have spoken with people who are not only using topical flea product like Frontline but then spray their house and yard with chemicals!
More is not better, it is dangerous!
If I see a flea, I apply Advantage which is very safe. And I do not use any other pesticide around my pets, PERIOD!
I do not reapply more than once every 4 weeks and generally can go much longer, this year I applied it once in the spring and that was all that was needed as we have been flea free all summer.
If you purchased Frontline and your dog got fleas soon after, call the manufacturer and give them the lot number...they need to know where you bought it as well.
People don't realize that there is a black market in veterinary/pet products just like in other areas of the pharmaceutical business. The product you purchased could be fake.
I spoke last week with a woman who purchased Sentry topical flea treatment and it burned her dog leaving her with a big vet bill.
Remember, if you have an issue with a flea product to call the manufacturer with the lot number, where you purchased it, and ask for a refund or a replacement. I did that last year with k9 Advantix and they could not have been more helpful.
Then I went back to my old favorite Advantage, even though it doesn't get ticks.
And most importantly do not mix products, if you use Advantage, then you don't need to spray your house and yard. For fleas it is all you need I don't care if your dog has a thousand fleas, even the newly hatched will be gone in three weeks at the longest. Generally you will see no fleas in 24 hours. And if you need more incentive to be careful about flea products watch this video...