Is Microban Safe for Your Dog?

Do you have one of these Le Bistro feeders? I do, actually I have two, one for food and one for water. I love them. Because Puff is a toy dog and toys are so prone to blood sugar fluctuations I like to have food available to munch on if his blood sugar gets low. And I like to have a large supply of fresh water available at all times too. Because I work sometimes very long hours it is important to me that Puffs' food and water needs are met while I am gone. And besides, what if something happened and no one could get to my home? The recent historic flood drove that point home as I was at work on day one of the flood and almost didn't find a flood free route home. At least I wouldn't have had to worry that he was without food or water.
But now I am reconsidering the product and others as well due to the FDA's recent scrutinizing of Triclosan. Triclosan, when added to plastic products is called, Microban...
The EPA has registered it as a pesticide and it has chemical similiarities to dioxins and PCB's, toxic chemicals.
Recently the Environmental Working Group had this to say about Triclosan:
'Triclosan has been linked to cancer in lab animals, has been targeted for removal from some stores in Europe for its health and environmental risks, and the American Medical Association recommends against its use in the home. It is also linked to liver and inhalation toxicity, and low levels of Triclosan may disrupt the thyroid hormone system. Thyroid hormones are essential to proper growth and development, particularly for brain growth in utero and during infancy.

Triclosan breaks down into very toxic chemicals, including a form of dioxin; methyl triclosan, which is acutely toxic to aquatic life; and chloroform, a carcinogen formed when triclosan mixes with tap water that has been treated with chlorine.'

Now I don't give Puff chlorinated water because it can also contribute to thyroid disease in dogs, but what about the dog owners who do? Will the Triclosan in the Microban treated water bowl leach out and convert to cancer causing dioxins?
There are more and more pet products being manufactured with Microban, such as dog beds, litter boxes and kennel pads. I don't know how much risk Puff is at using his Le Bistro products but even if the risk is very low, the manufacture of, and disposal of such products still pose a risk to the environment.
For my dollar, I am not buying any more pet ( or people ) products that contain if only I can figure out an eco -friendly way to dispose of the Le Bistro feeder and waterer...