Canine 4th of July Safety

You can see from this pic that Puff is ready to party! So am I, and both of us could use a little recreation.
Every 4th, I think about an abandoned dog named Sammie who used to come to my home to be let in because she feared firecrackers. And every 4th, I would let her in to spend the night...

She had been thrown from a speeding car across from my place, yet she remained hopeful that the previous owners would come back.
Dogs are funny that way....
I put food and water out for her while she held a vigil on the corner she was dumped on. Each time she heard an approaching car she jumped up eagerly, but it was never the owners she so sadly missed...
After several weeks of this, my neighbor began to care for her. She wasn't fenced in because it was of the utmost importance to her to keep watch on that corner. Gradually she became a neighborhood fixture, escorting nannies and children down the street, and each time a car approached she would move from the persons' left side to the right, coming between them and the vehicle.No one knew exactly why she did that but I had my suspicions..
One morning at 5 a.m. Sammie threw herself at my front door, raising a huge ruckus. I opened the door to find a very frantic Sammie and a neighbors Lab/Setter mix writhing on the ground, pawing furiously at his face. I went to the dog and pulled a chicken bone out of his throat, then returned him to the neighbor from whose yard he had escaped. He thanked me profusely but I told him, it was Sammie he needed to thank.

Sammie passed away, she was old when she was abandoned and died of age related issues. The owners she so badly hoped would come for her never did... I miss her so much every 4th of July. She knew she could count on me for Bach Rescue Remedy which helped her fear of firecrackers. Brave little dog that she was, firecrackers were just too much for her.
Fireworks aren't pleasant for any dog. Make sure yours is in a safe place when the firecrackers are lit. And when they aren't lit, make sure your dog can't reach them as they are deadly if ingested. Putting your dog in a crate with a favorite chew toy is best if you are going to be gone or outdoors shooting fireworks. Have a safe and happy Fourth of July Celebration.