Is Your Dog a Mind Reader?

Have you ever noticed how your dog 'senses' your feelings? Doesn't it sometimes seem that he or she can read your mind?
For every thought you have, there is a bio chemical equivalent in your body...and dogs can detect this.
A dogs' sense of smell is so sensitive, he can detect cancer before tests can, detect seizures before they happen, and a tracking dog can find the scent he is following when it is only one part to 7 billion. Your dogs' super nose is estimated to be 100 million times more sensitive than yours.
After living with you for a while, your dog learns to associate certain bio chemical reactions released by your thoughts and emotions and can interpret your mood ,even when you exhibit no body language.
Dog show handlers often pop a breathe mint before entering the show ring. Not for the judges benefit, but to help mask a case of nerves from the dog they are showing.

So be mindful of the thoughts you have... redirect your bad thoughts, especially around your pets and think positive.
Pretending to be happy doesn't fool your dog, he knows the real you...