Make an Effort to Green Your Dogs' Lifestyle

Part of the appeal of dog ownership is that loving and caring for a dog brings us closer to nature. It just makes sense to give your dog a more natural and eco-friendly lifestyle.
Everyday, millions of dogs come in contact with harmful chemicals that their owners don't even think about.
Chemicals like formaldehyde in those cute t-shirts and bandannas (it takes multiple washings to remove the formaldehyde). Dioxins in plastic dog dishes that once ingested, stay in the body forever,tap water that contains traces of heavy metals and in most cities, flouride, a hormone disrupter that is often instigated as a cause of thyroid issues.
There are VOC's in paint that can take up to two years to 'gas out' as well as wall to wall carpeting, floor and furniture polish, (I bet your dog lays on the floor more than you do) air fresheners, petroleum based scented candles, even your beloved 'pet friendly' fabric and upholstery freshener.
Seemingly safe products like your dogs' shampoo ( and yours too) usually contain sodium lauryl sulfate, another hormone disrupter and a chemical that is being associated with many causes of skin irritations and some evidence points to the killing of brain cells. Vaccines contain heavy metals like aluminum and many veterinarians and holistic practitioners are suggesting that we have antibody titer tests done to help prevent auto immune disease from over vaccinating.

In addition, there are many unregulated chemicals in pet products that are not listed on the packaging. Dog food for example, can have chemicals added to individual ingredients prior to delivery to the manufacturing plant and because it wasn't added by the manufacturer, is not required to be on the ingredient list. Chicken is often treated with ethoxyquin before it reaches the manufacturing plant. Ethoxyquin is a chemical invented by Monsanto to preserve carpet backing...somehow, it became a popular dog food preservative. After many years as a dog food preservative, owners began to suspect it as the cause of a plethora of problems. Dog owners began to demand that their pets' food be free of this chemical as well as BHT and the dog food companies, for the most part have complied, sort of...your dog food bag may say 'no preservatives added',but that only ensures that it wasn't added at the plant!!!!
This lack of proper regulation is how chemicals find their way into your dogs' food despite your diligently reading the labels.
Is it any wonder that dogs have more cancer per capita than humans do? Dogs are smaller than humans and exposure to harmful chemicals packs a bigger punch.
This Earth Day, make a commitment to improve the quality of your dogs' life by using the green alternatives. Sulfate free pet shampoos, stainless steel or enamel bowls, filtered water, eco-friendly household products, dog toys and beds,certified organic food and working with your vet to help eliminate unnecessary chemical based treatments will go a long, long way to keeping your dog healthy and happy...and in the long run, a healthier, happier dog becomes cheaper to maintain.