Why Beer is Bad for Your Dog

Puff and I just went for our morning walk, and as we stepped onto the sidewalk we were greeted by a man wearing a dark green cardigan over a lime green shirt with khaki green short pants,screaming emerald green socks, army green shoes and a long pointy Christmas green cap with elf ears, pushing a metallic green bicycle...
"Top o' the mornin' to ya'll" (this is Nashville after all) he said to us, as I kept an eye out that Puff stayed close and not caught up in the bicycle spokes.
This 6'4" stringbean of a man was clearly intoxicated at 8 A.M.
It reminded me how people can get carried away on this religious holiday turned party day and dogs sometimes become victims of well meaning people attempting to share the fun.
Keep your dog sober.
Beer,green or otherwise, is hard on everyones' liver if you drink too much and that includes dogs. In addition it can result in an allergic type of reaction that causes severe muscle contractions and can lead to death.
Puff is wearing his St. Paddy hat today but he will be sober, that was MY hand shaking the camera!
Everyone be happy and safe.