If the Late Winter Weather has You Indoors...

If the late winter weather is keeping you indoors and making you stir crazy, a good cure today is to follow the Iditarod, that grueling historical trek through some of Alaska's most challenging terrain. A visit to this site is a must, it is highly informative and even if you have no particular interest in artic breeds or canine sports, you will come away impressed.
If you are more in the mood for canine glam, Crufts is today! Being British born and bred I always follow Crufts and am so disappointed that it is no longer available to watch on T.V.
You can blame Peta for that( don't get me started). Now you must pay for a live feed, or if you prefer you can watch some of the happenings on You Tube. I was especially enamored of the Portugese Water Dogs. I think the type being bred overseas is stunning,( my apologies to Bo Obama) maybe not as sound as American -bred dogs, and bear in mind, that I am basing my opinion on the state of the breed just from watching the entries of one major show.
The grooming is a nod to the historic origins of this facinating breed. While I see this groom clip in American dogs, it is becoming scarce and that is a pity as it really shows these dogs off.... I love the ground level view of the show this year.. enjoy !