Alert ! Stop Monsanto from More Poisoning of our Pets Today!

Monsanto, that notorious chemical company who is the bane of pet owners everywhere has brought us Round -Up, the herbicide blamed in the painful deaths of so many pets. They also invented Ethoxyquin, a preservative for carpet backing that found it's way into pet food and has been blamed for many years as the cause of various canine cancers and is suspect in cases of canine epilepsy. As if Monsanto hasn't done enough to drain the dollars of unsuspecting pet owners in veterinary care,grief and pain, they are now introducing genetically engineered alfalfa to be fed to farm animals. This meat will undoubtedly find its' way into the food your pet eats.
Manufacturers of organic products say it will be impossible to have true organic meat and dairy products if our government lets this use of genetically engineered alfalfa happen.
Alfalfa is a basic ingredient in farm animal feed, it is a nourishing animal feed that's also a nitrogen-fixing soil enhancer. Once GE alfalfa is introduced, its contamination of non-GE plants - including organic - is all but inevitable. And because alfalfa is fed to dairy cows and other livestock, contamination puts organic dairy and meat at risk, too! Learn more
Monsanto says it can control pollination and prevent contamination of alfalfa meant for organic feeds, sure they can- NOT!!!!!!!!
Today is the final day to convince our government to not allow the Monsanto genetic engineering of food that will affect our pets' diet. Click the above link to learn more and stop this before it is too late....Monsanto has done enough to harm our pets and our planet.