Breed Bias by Insurance Companies Contributes to Dog Homelessness

This is Pabst ( yes, like in blue ribbon) a gorgeous rescued Rottweiller that belongs to my friend Jon. Pabst was a repeat rescue that Jon learned was in a shelter several hundred miles away. Jon made the decision to adopt him even though as a repeat rescue he came with a lot of behavioral baggage. These issues have been worked through and the result is a dog well on his way to being a canine good citizen and I have encouraged Jon to compete in obedience as Pabst really enjoys pleasing him.
Jon has been the ideal devoted owner, approaching Pabsts' issues holistically combining good nutrition with complementary therapies( Bach remedies ,Reiki) , lots of excercise, obedience classes, patience, love and understanding.
The work has shown great results.
Then recently, Jon told me he was given an ultimatum from his apartment manager to be rid of Pabst by Monday or face eviction. Large dogs are allowed but the insurance company would not allow Rottweilers.
Breed specific bias by insurance corporations only leads to more homeless dogs...
Pets should be evaluated on an individual basis and not judged on their breed type. Clearly, a Rottie or Bully breed that is a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen, doesn't bark, has perfect house manners, and whose owner picks up after him is the better dog neighbor and tenant, than the yappy breed who drives neighbors nuts and destroys rental property.
This sort of breed prejudice is unfair.
There should be a movement to have insurance companies allow AKC Canine Good Citizens ( a program open to all dogs regardless of heritage) in rental property and landlords should give pet deposit discounts to Certified CGC dogs.
In addition, CGC dogs should get rate increase exemptions from homeowner insurance companies since many insurance companies are now finding ways to hit the homeowner with higher insurance premiums for breeds they consider a risk.(Some homeowner insurance companies that do not discriminate are State Farm, Travelers and Liberty Mutual,at least not yet.)
Luckily for Jon and Pabst a new home has been found, but for many people there is no choice but to send the dog to a shelter...a dog that would otherwise have a home.