Why Your Dog Needs a Seat Belt ..

This very charming pooch is Gracie, loving companion to my friend Tashina. The photo reminds me of something I saw a lot of this holiday season...dogs not being secure inside their owners vehicles.
While looking for a parking spot at the mall I actually witnessed a woman driving with her Maltipoo standing on his back legs in her lap, and he had his paws on the steering wheel!!!
That got me noticing every dog I saw in a car and I was dismayed at the number of dogs who ride with their owners and are at risk of being injured in an accident because they are not secured with a doggy seatbelt or strapped into a canine carseat.
I was once told that a 30lb. dog in the back seat of a car can decapitate the driver at an impact of only 45 mph.
I don't know if that is true, but I do know of a local woman who was decapitated 3 years ago. She was traveling down a residential street with her pet loose in the back seat and had a collision with a truck...she was decapitated by her pet being thrown forward, they both died at the scene.
Also a friend of my next door neighbor had a Lab who rode loose in the back of his truck despite a city law that forbids it. We cautioned him weekly about the dangers of letting his dog ride unrestrained in the back of the pick up to no avail.
Then the inevitable happened, he had an accident and the Lab was slung out of the pickup. He survived with 3 broken legs and multiple injuries.To this day it pains me to know how much that dog suffered needlessly.

The owner only suffered guilt and thousands of dollars in veterinary expenses. He paid a small price compared to the pain and suffering of his dog.

I know you love your dog dearly as I do mine. Please this New Year, if you don't have a seat belt for your dog, make a resolution to get one, you could save the life of your dog, your own life and that of any passengers by doing so. It is one small expense that in reality, is priceless.