Add Prebiotics To Your Dogs' Diet Yourself

I was just watching a television commercial for a popular brand of premium dog food implying that I need to feed THEIR brand of food because it contains PREBIOTICS.

Prebiotics help with digestion, the immune system and the absorption of minerals. But you don't neeed to rush out to the pet specialty store to buy that brand of dog food to add it to your dogs diet,especially if your dog is doing well on the food you are feeding....

...simply add some dried chicory root to your dogs' diet if it doesn't contain a prebiotic.

Chicory root contains about 65% prebiotic. My prebiotic of choice however, is fresh raw dandelion picked out of the yard with no chemicals or pesticides. Dandelion is also a great blood cleaner and helps with hot spots.

Prebiotics are basically a fiber that the dogs' beneficial bacteria feed off of. That is the bifida and lactobacillus bacterias. Dog food companies like to call the beneficial bacteria, 'probiotic'.

Many dog show people supplement their dogs' diets with plain yogurt, kefir or buttermilk to add some of these good bacteria to their dogs systems. Then to keep them there, they add chicory root.

As an interesting note, dogs that have lots of beneficial bacteria in their bodies rarely come down with Parvo virus when exposed to it...that just shows you how important it is to the immune system.

I buy my chicory root at Whole Body, part of Whole Foods, and give about a quarter teaspoon,twice a week. With everyone thinking about their own diets this New Year, consider tweaking your dogs' diet as well.