Peta Uses Sacrilege to Gain Donations for their Own Coffers

Julie Ann Hough, of Dancing With The Stars fame and a rising star in country music lives in my neighborhood. I haven't met her yet, but I have seen her out and about, so perhaps that is why this season on DWTS I voted for her brother and his partner, contestant Joanna Krupa.

But,had I known Krupa was a Peta supporter I would have voted for everyone else....

Previously in another post back in May I ventured that HSUS would soon attack the Vaticans' Quaker Parrots..It seems I wasn't too far off. (As you know, I have no problem condemning Peta and HSUS together since they obviously are bedfellows. It has been well documented that the present HSUS is comprised of many Peta people and their agenda is the same.)

If you are reading this blog it means you are a dog lover and please tell me how ANYONE can support Peta when they support EUTHANASIA! If you are going to rescue a dog then by GOD rescue it and don't kill it.

When I lived in D.C., Peta was in its' infancy and had influence only in the D.C. /Virginia area. My friend Pat, whom I have mentioned before, belonged to the Peta Army. It was not long before she was disillusioned...she felt that Peta was out to desensitize us to the point that pets were eliminated completely...then when all the pets were gone, they would start desensitizing us on our elderly and handicapped...euthanizing your Grandma seems unlikely, or does it?

This is why I fear Peta, HSUS the HSLF and groups like them...they have too much money and too much power... We all know money and power corrupts.

The real rescue heros are the local groups who never get your donations.

To get back to Joanna Krupa, this is what she had to say (about her sacreligous portrayal of an animal Savior) according to the NYTimes,
''I'm doing what the Catholic Church should be doing, working to stop senseless suffering of animals, the most defenseless of God's creation."

What was she thinking?????

Doesn't she realize that the Catholics practically INVENTED animal rescue...hasn't this girl ever heard of Saint Francis of Assisi?

The bottom line is this...

Peta expoited Joanna Krupa for her beauty the same way Peta exploits animals for cash.