Saving Soldiers' Dogs

After a week of holiday festivities,Jazz,pictured above, has retired to her bed to recuperate and I thought I would reiterate a message I brought up last holiday season. You may recall I wrote a post about the need to foster dogs owned by our troops who were being deployed. The number of troops having to surrender their pets to shelters is and was heartbreaking. Canine Corps is a charity devoted to temporary housing for military personnel serving overseas. Personally I think the military should house the pets until the troops come home but until that day comes we have the Canine Corps.
In Landesburg Pa. a loving home is provided in a format similar to the best pet hotel. The dogs have acres of land to run and play on. Veterinarians and others, volunteer their time to this worthy cause. The volunteers send the soldiers pictures of their dogs and updates. Recently spotlighted on the Today show the workers said they hope every state will open a facility like Canine Corps. I hope so too....
Kimbers Critters is another rescue that has been housing dogs for the soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division for some time,often using funds from their own pockets, Kimberly and her family work hard to take care of soldiers pets and in addition have an enormous amount of pets that they rehome as well. You can find a list of available pets and donation information for Kimbers Critters on
I hope in 2009 more soldiers will come home and can be re-united with their dogs,but for those that will remain deployed, consider offering one of those soldiers' dogs temporary shelter.