OMG Rachael Ray, Nutrish or Nutrash?

I like to keep dog treats in my car, my purse and sometimes a pocket in case I encounter a dog who needs to be rescued in a sudden emergency situation and as you know, sometimes a yummy smelling treat is all it takes to convince a lost, hungry and frightened dog that you are an ok person that they can trust.
So the other day, I purchased a bag of Rachael Ray Nutrish Isaboo Grill Bites. Forget that the name of the product is just way too long,these soft and chewy dog treats looked like they would serve their purpose and the best part was they were on sale for a buck 79.... But... I didn't read the ingredients until I got home...High Fructose Corn Syrup...Propylene Glycol... Wheat Gluten...BHA!!!! ...Artificial Colors
Red # 40, Yellow #5, Yellow # 6,Blue #2...
And she has the NERVE to name this product Nutrish...
O.K. So I know the money goes to Rachaels'rescue but come on, don't kill our pets in the process!
Remember the recent hoopla about the dog recipe she did with ONIONS in it?Onions are toxic to dogs.
With so many manufacturers trying to create a healthier food product by removing High Fructose Corn Syrup from human foods, especially those for children, you would think that the people she paid to invent this so called treat would know that it is bad for dogs too!
When I was a vet tech I saw so many dogs with Obesity, Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer whose owners were feeding them soft chewy dog foods containing High Fructose Corn Syrup. Sugar has been linked scientifically to these problems. Sugar is hard on your dogs' pancreas and it neutralizes the action of essential fatty acids making a dry flaky coat and making cell walls more open for disease. Sugar lessens the germ killing abilities of white blood cells and is one of the top seven food allergens.
Food Colors Red # 40 and Yellow # 5 are currently under fire from consumer groups as health risks.
The artificial preservative,BHA has been denounced for years and years by everyone in the dog community as a preservative NO ONE wants in their dog food. You will not find it in the best brands of dog food or treats. For at least two decades, dog breeders have blamed BHA for liver, thyroid, skin, and immunosuppression issues.
Propylene Glycol causes nervous system damage and studies have shown red blood cell damage in felines, it also can cause kidney damage and liver abnormalities. But hey, it keeps Rachael Rays' treats moist and chewy...
Why do I pick on Rachael Ray when these undesirable ingredients can be found in other pet foods ,cosmetics, antifreeze and even baby wipes? Because I love Rachael Ray, I love that she felt compelled to fund a rescue program.But Rach, PULEEZE don't make dogs sick in the process, you are better than that. If you are going to call it Nutrish, than make it nutrish.
Oh yeah Rach, one more thing, DOGS CAN'T EAT ONIONS.