Happy Howlidays to People, Pets, and Wildlife....

The weather is dreary today but Puff and I ventured out to the downtown park to feed the ducks, swans, geese, pigeons and squirrels their Christmas dinner. We have noticed lately a great change in the demeanor of our city wildlife friends who, for generations have depended on city dwellers to feed them.

Now that the economy has tumbled, few people are sharing their lunch with these creatures and they are literally starving.People don't realize how co-dependant the city wildlife have become. Last week I witnessed a man taking off his coat and beating back birds in the park who were starving.He and his wife and small son had sat on a park bench usually used by people with food to share and the animals were looked like a scene from a Hitchcock film.

Night before last, coyotes were on my back porch eating the husks off of walnuts I had sitting out to ripen and they dug tubers out of my garden. Two cats in the neighborhood have disappeared since the coyotes have gotten so brazen. It isn't just people and pets who are suffering in this economy, it is wildlife too. As we have destroyed their natural habitats they have adapted to live off what we throw away. And now we have far less to throw away. Even when or if the economy recovers I doubt we as a people will be as wasteful as before, and many of these animals will starve to death.

So for today at least some were fed.Puff enjoyed it and happily showed off his ELF HAT to anyone who would notice...I personally think he looks like a little Elf, and yes, I admit he has a face only a mother could love...
We want to take a moment to thank all our readers this year.Each and every one of you are special and we wish you and the dogs you cherish, the best this Howliday season.
D & P