Buyer Beware of CKC Puppies

Yesterday I was in the local pet superstore when I spied a chestnut parti-colored coat inside a shopping was a little Cavalier girl,her red coat and markings much like Cory, the Cavalier pup on my blog header. Being unable to resist the charms of this breed, I gravatated toward the shopping cart and asked the pup's owner if I could pet her almost grown puppy.
As the pup turned towards me, I was aghast at her bulging eyes that looked off in opposite directions.It was hideous. As I petted her, I noticed that her back leg joints felt askew. I lifted her out of the shopping cart and set her on the floor....she was crippled. Her legs so bowed each step looked uncomfortable, if not downright painful.
Taking a deep breath, I tried to calmly ask the owner,"did you buy her locally?"
I knew the answer before I asked, but I was surprised at the veheminous way in which her owner answered...
"Are you freakin' kidding? Do you have any idea how much money they want for these dogs around here? I am not paying that much money for a %#7@* dog!I had my husband drive to Missouri and get me a puppy."

Missouri, as we all know is a hot bed of puppy mills.

I asked ( again knowing the answer)"Is she AKC registered?"
The owner replied, "she is CKC registered.Just as good."
"Actually," I replied," the Continental Kennel Club is considered a sham by reputable breeders. You may have saved yourself some money on the purchase price, but you and the dog will pay dearly in the long run by health problems brought about by poor breeding practices."I then walked away before losing my temper...

Now I realize that some of you reading this may have purchased or adopted a CKC dog.I know lots of people who have. Many people think it stands for Canadian Kennel Club. It doesn't, and I wish the Canadian Kennel Club would sue the Continental Kennel Club for the damage it has done their reputation.
The AKC started requiring DNA testing for dogs that were used repeatedly as breeding stock in an effort to preserve accurate pedigrees.
The puppy millers couldn't provide legitimate proof of ancestry on much of their breeding stock so they formed a new kennel club...the Continental Kennel Club. Sadly even backyard breeders now advertise their puppies as registered CKC as if that were something to be proud of..
If you buy a CKC puppy you are buying in to a lie. You have no proof that your dog is really what the papers say it is (purebred). Many CKC breeders have a reputation of breeding and breeding and breeding the same genetically inferior dogs over and over and poor health is becoming the norm. The Cavalier pup I saw is typical of the CKC dogs I see these days.When it comes to buying a purebred puppy, there are NO get what you pay for.The best way to stop these puppy millers from exploiting inferior quality puppies for profit is to educate the public.
If you want a puppy this Christmas that will be a healthy companion both mentally and physically, buy from an AKC breeder with a good reputation,who guarantees the pups health and check the references. Be prepared to give the breeder your references as well. All reputable breeders check out the potential home their pup will go to.
The AKC site will navigate you to local breeders in your area...