Think Retailers are Pulling Recalled Food ?

You probably know by now that some Pedigree brand pet food has been recalled voluntarily this weekend.
But you may not be aware that the above brands are also on the recall list. I bet that you don't feed any of these foods because most people who read dog blogs are very particular about the quality of the products they feed their pets and none of the foods listed above are considered premium foods. However, your neighbor or a relative may feed these foods to their pets and out of concern for them, please consider forwarding info to them.
Another thing I must point out is the fact that because this is a VOLUNTARY recall the stores who stock these foods usually do NOT pull product from their shelves!!!!!!!!!!
It requires time and storage space and extra paperwork in several departments for both the store and the corporate office,and most stores are not willing to do that for a recall that is not mandatory.
Oddly enough, the average consumer will see this on the news and mistakingly assume that the store where they purchase the product will automatically remove it from the shelf.I know my local grocery still has it on the shelf and having worked a lot of pet food recalls I know that it is the rare retailer who will go to such trouble.Keep that in mind if your brand pet food is ever recalled.
For more info on the recall go here