The Attack of the Foxtail

With the weather predicted today to be rainy, I had the urge to pick a bouquet to cheer up the apartment. My garden is postage stamp sized and contains typical southern favorites, roses, lavender, banana trees, iris and lillies.Only one rose bush was making an attempt to bloom this late in the season,but in the alleyway behind me,a late planting had the flowers thinking it was spring.
Delphinium, poppies,daisies, and more were eagerly awaiting the days rainfall.
I took Puff with me on this jaunt to the alley. Just as I was grabbing the stalk of a lovely burgundy cockscomb, Puff screams and falls on to the pavement, rubbing his eye in great distress.I thought he had put out his eye, or been bitten by a snake.I dropped to the ground to get a look,and he was adamant that I was not to be allowed to see his face, which he kept bent toward the pavement.Surprising how strong these little dogs can be...
Alas, it was a foxtail who poked his splinterlike self into the lower lid of his left eye.Only a fraction of it was in his skin.I was surprised about all the fuss as Puff is not a whiner.
Taking Puff inside, I opened the first aid kit as I intended to flush out his eye on the slim chance any debris had gotten in there.
To my surprise, the bottle of eye wash had leaked out in the first aid kit.It was plastic and the seam had split, spilling its' contents and ruining some good bandages as well.
I used Dermacyn in it's place.Puff decided this was all my fault and hid in a box by the door destined for the recycle bin. He didn't 'speak' to me for an hour.And I never got my bouquet.
The moral of this story is - check your first aid kit regularly and make sure all is in order.What happened today could have been serious.