Diverting Disaster

Securely seatbelted into his car seat in the back of my sedan, with the windows rolled down on a 90 degree plus day (because he likes it that way),Puff and I drove through a pretty little suburb today, the smallish houses built in the '50's were all well kept.We stopped at a red light before pulling onto the Parkway and as we waited, I noticed a cute little Parsons' Jack Russell puppy about 15 weeks old, doing his potty business while his owner, a young boy around 6 or 7 years old cheered him on.
"That kid is going to be a great dog trainer," I thought to myself, as he gleefully clapped his hands and told 'puppy' what a good boy he was.
In response, the puppy scooted around the yard joyously and headed straight for the busy, busy
Parkway.It was 5 o'clock rush hour."Puppy!!!!!!'' the boy screamed,'' puppy come here, puppy''....
....the little white pup was already on the shoulder of the Parkway..."PUPPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"
the childs' voice trembled with fear and then he screamed so loud my ear vibrated as he knew he was about to witness a horror almost unimaginable to a 7 year old. For a moment I flashed on witnessing the same fate to my own dog Sandy when I was a small child.
In a millisecond I put my car in park, hit the horn to alert all nearby drivers and dashed out of my car and onto the Parkway. For the second time this year I darted in front of a truck and scooping up the pup, ran into the boys yard and handed him the puppy like a quarterback handing off the ball.
Without saying a word to him or even breaking stride, I ran back to my car which was holding up the line at the traffic light. As I put the car in gear I heard the boy as he raced toward the house clutching his puppy yell, ''It's a MIRACLE, it's a MIRACLE, an Angel saved my puppy!Mommy, it's a Miracle!
I'm not sure why, but I cried all the way home....