A Dog Day at the Craft Fair!

Hello fellow doglovers!

I am writing this from our local park, taking advantage of my wonderful city's free wireless and enjoying a glorious fall day with my dog.

One of many Craft Fairs are being held here today and we have met a lot of nice dog people,enjoyed a delicious soy latte from the park cafe and viewed some incredible arts and crafts.My personal favorites were animal sculptures in stainless steel by local artist Ron Olsen.

His work is amazing and I was especially taken by a galloping Irish Wolfhound sculpture and some Equine and Koi sculptures as well.

Taking your dog to a Craft Fair is great fun and it is especially beneficial for your dogs mental health.Be prepared though, to have to stop and let people pet your dog and ask a lot of questions!
Because Puff is a retired show dog he is used to the hustle and bustle,but for the average homebound dog, getting out into a crowded environment is crucial to helping keep your dog well socialized.And go prepared...we carried with us a spray bottle of water because Brachy-headed breeds like Chin and Frenchies are particularly prone to getting heatstroke and the day did get hotter than predicted.I spray cool water on Puffs head and belly to help keep him cool.Of course we brought poop bags, (this month we have purple biodegradable ones). I also brought a bottle of electrolyte water, the Whole Foods 365 brand, for us both to share. And...because toy dogs are very prone to drops in blood sugar, I took along his current favorite treat,Mellow Mutt.

It is a chamomile and lavender all natural chicken jerky strip made by Dogswell.

(I thought he would munch on it while I write this post but he is more interested in watching passersby.)

We met a lovely couple and their Champion Ibizan Hounds. I took their picture to share with you because so many people don't know how lovely these rare hounds of antiquity are.These dogs have been traced all the way to ancient Egypt where they hunted for the Pharoahs.The dog on the left is a grandson of the incomparable "Bunny" Champion Luxor's Playmate of the Year. You probably remember her winning at the Garden in 2003. Check out her website, these dogs are true poetry in motion.

I also met a family with a Toy Poodle, a Long Haired Chihuahua (can't wait to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua)and a Maltese, all 3 family pets were impecably groomed and well socialized.Of course their owners say they take them everywhere....I rest my case!

Time to walk around and take in some more art!

Happy Tails everyone.