Cool New Products

My apartment gets really hot in the summer, in fact it is hot all year long. I only turned on heat this winter for a week. My electric bill in January was 27 dollars, seriously. This makes it very uncomfortable for my hot natured pup so I bought him a Cool Bed this summer and he loves it.
Basically it is a water bed designed to help draw heat away from the dogs body.
Easy to clean and tough enough to withstand my cats' claws I highly recommend this if you want to help your dog stay cool. By using this Cool Bed you can raise your thermostat a few degrees without making your dog uncomfortable.
I purchased mine on Ebay from Debnroo. I had previously bought products from them before and found them to be good sellers.
Another product I purchased recently that I love is the Brethe by HoMedics.I purchased it to kill the kennel odor from the five dogs next door and does it ever work! This petsafe odor eliminator will save you a bundle by no longer having to buy toxic air fresheners.Febreze, in case you didn't already know is not pet safe, many pet birds have died from being around it. Candles often have lead wicks and the oils in them are made from petro chemicals,plus they soot up your house and your dogs coat.
And lastly I also purchased some products by Earth Bath and all I can say is SAVE YOUR MONEY! Every one of their products leaves an awful sticky feel to the coat so don't bother.I was drawn in by the name as I am always looking for earth friendly pet products.