Puppy Daycare

My neighbor Henry is one of our city's most illustrious lawyers.He lives across the street from me and in the past has had some rocking dog parties. Every year, he throws a big soiree for the flyball competitors that they all look forward to. I consider Henry a bonafide dog person...I often see him outside practicing obedience with his dogs Lucy and Rachael.
When Pup Scouts Doggie Day Care opened their doors I think Henry may have been their first client.He takes Rachael and Lucy to daycare religiously. At daycare they get the mental and physical stimulation they need UNDER SUPERVISION !!!Henry's dogs are incredibly happy and everyone in the neighborhood agrees that Henry is a great dog neighbor.
You know I have written in the past that every dog needs a job to do.If you don't give your dog something to do, they will find something and it could be tearing up your most prized possessions,getting into and digesting a toxic chemical, or chewing your electrical cords and burning your house down....or driving your neighbor and her dog up the wall like the dogs next door to me do. Unlike Henry,my next door neighbor leaves her dogs alone for hours on end. Today, (Sunday) it was a short day, she only left them alone for 9 hours. She has 4 dogs, the zoning here only allows 2 dogs, and if she looked around she would notice that no one in the neighborhood has more than 2 dogs. Her dogs fight with each other like crazy because she has recently brought a puppy into the mix without setting the proper parameters for her 'dog pack'.Therefore the dogs squabble non-stop when she is gone and the puppy spends a good bit of the time screaming.That drives me up the wall. When she IS home, she yells at them to shut up, that drives my dog up the wall, he has never heard anyone yell at a dog before. And of course yelling is not proper training. It reveals lazyness on the part of the dog owner. No dog trainer raises his or her voice to a dog. Many dog owners mistreat their dogs and honestly believe they are being kind to them.There is no doubt in my mind that this woman thinks she is a good dog owner.
My 30 plus years of experience with dogs and their owners has shown me that these are the people that you can't give advice to....
Her puppy really needs dog daycare. It needs professionals to show it the proper way to interact with other dogs and people because the pups' owner is leaving it in the house UNSUPERVISED with adult dogs who take turns putting this pup in it's place. I feel so sorry for this pup....puppies just want to please everyone and they have no idea how unless you give them the proper parameters on how to behave.
If you have a puppy and are gone all the time like my next door neighbor PLEASE take your pup to a dog daycare - it is an investment you will never regret.

ALSO- for those of you who know of my concern about puppy millers being allowed to sell their puppies on state property which is supported by our tax dollars,I am finally making headway and the city health dept. are on site looking for violations at every sale.
This week only two puppy millers showed up. I suspect they got wind that the health dept would be there. At least it's a start. The government official I have been contacting has been very co-operative, it is just that there are legal ramifications because puppy millers have a right to sell puppies....what gripes me is if people would stop buying puppy mill pups then there wouldn't be any!
'Til next time.
Happy Tails!