Saving Money on Dog Food

With the economy being what it is right now, it is hard for some people (not me) to justify paying for premium food for their dog when we can barely feed ourselves.Too many people I know are saying that the only place they have left to trim the budget is on groceries.
I have said often that the one place you do not want to scrimp on is your dogs' diet. Believe me when I say it will cost you big in the long run.Poor diet will lead to a plethora of health problems in your dog. Way too many dogs these days suffer from kidney disease and other ailments that could have been prevented if they had been fed something other than a fructose laden, cheap by- product, and grain hull diet made to look like hamburger.
But how do you contininue to feed the premium diet your dog is thriving on?
There are lots of them to be had.
When you go to the pet store ask if they have coupons available.Call the manufacturer of your dog food and make up a big lie and say you are a breeder and want some coupons to include in your new puppy packet.( I have done this and it works well).
And you can always go to my favorite marketplace, eBay.
Currently there are coupons for all the major brand premium dog foods,including Science Diet, Eukanuba, Iams, Nutro,Purina,Pedigree, etc.There are also coupons for holistic foods as well. Today I saw for example, coupons for Wellness brand, $2.00 off coupons,20 of them for $.99 and with 99 cents to ship you still save 38 dollars!
With an October expiration date you have plenty of time to buy and dog food freezes really well.
One note of caution when buying coupons on eBay....technically you are not buying coupons as it is illegal to buy/sell something the manufacturer is giving away for free.What you are paying for is the time and effort the seller put in to gather these coupons for you.Be sure they have actual manufacturer coupons and not expiration date free ones that have been mass produced on an ink jet printer as most stores won't accept those.If you include coupons for treats, you can easily save 40 to 100 dollars a year on dog food.
Now that you know how easy it is,you have no reason to feed your dog a lesser quality dog food, so get shopping!