Dogs Get Mosquito Bites Too

Although this pic implies that Puff likes to go fishing, he really doesn't. (he is just making sure the fish doesn't have any treats hidden in there)We are around water and with West Nile Virus in my area I make sure I spray Puff with mosquito repellant several times a day. Even with most people giving their dogs heartworm preventative it is surprising to me how many of those owners don't realize that dogs get mosquito bites. Many people think the dogs' coats protect them from biting mosquitos. Well that coat doesn't protect from mosquitos any more than it protects from fleas and biting flies.Mosquitos do carry heartworm microfilaria and they can transmit West Nile to dogs as well.
Granted, dogs are not as susceptible as some other animals, like horses and humans, but it is a risk nonetheless so spray is a good idea but not spray intended for people. Your dog could ingest that and get sick by licking it off his coat. I use a few drops of natural eucalyptus, citrus,lavender and geranium oil with an ounce of vodka and 3 ounces spring water in a glass 4 ounce bottle that fits neatly in my jeans pocket when we are outside or going for a walk. It is super cheap and I spray it on myself as well and have not had a single bite when using it. I don't use citronella as dogs are very offended by the smell of citronella. That is why it is used in that popular anti- bark collar.The citrus oil I use is a mix of lemon, orange and pomegranite.It makes Puff smell yummy and he doesn't mind at all standing still while I spray him!