Snowballs in the Pads

It finally snowed. We don't get much snow here so the 4-6 inches we got last nite was a real treat for everyone, including canines.Puff has very hairy feet that quickly pick up little snowballs between the pads that become like marbles in their feet.I use those wet type wipes on his feet after he comes in. The alcohol instantly melts the snowballs and the aloe and lanolin helps soothe the pads that have been exposed to such extreme cold.If you do this be sure you use ones that are safe for facial use so there is nothing toxic in them-we know how dogs like to lick their feet! If you don't remove those little snowballs your dog will be chewing and pulling at them.
One irony about our unusual snowfall is local guy, Rodney Whaley who is currently running his team of mixed-breeds in the Iditarod this week had to practice with a sled outfitted with wheels because this is the South.Now that Rodney is in Alaska, we get snow-go figure...
Good Luck Rodney!