Save a Schipperke

Earlier today I was walking across the parking lot of my local grocery store when I noticed an attractive older woman with beautiful long silver hair walking her Schipperke on a flexi-lead.For a brief moment I thought it was Emmylou Harris who lives near me and is an avid dog rescuer. Emmylou turned her backyard into a dog rescue(view her rescue efforts,Bonaparte's Retreat, at )
But then I remembered she was doing a dog rescue event at the local pound today.And this woman (as I got closer) was much, much older.
I watched as the woman wrapped the flexi-lead around a nearby pole and left the dog to go inside the grocery store. She was in front of me in the self serve checkout and I kept noticing how her lovely silver hair had not been brushed properly and her expensive Patagonian organic capris had not seen an iron or maybe even a washing machine in awhile.I got a bad feeling in my stomach about the dog...
After I checked out I walked outside and the dog was still there.The woman had left the store before I did...
I ran over to a young employee racking up shopping carts and asked if he had seen the woman.He hadn't... The manager came out and I told him and described the woman.Several people began to stand around the dog who was looking very anxious.Could she have deliberately left him here we surmised, or perhaps she had Alzheimers? I suddenly started to go towards where she had been parked when I saw her getting out of her car. I knew then and there she had been watching the commotion over the dog.She looked at the ground and walked up and unwrapped her dog from the pole.We all told her we were concerned about the dog.She said everything was fine as she took him to the car. None of us thought things were fine...we all think she was dumping a beloved dog.She probably has trouble taking care of herself or is in financial distress.It broke my heart. That Schipperke was at least 13 years old.
Then I got home and had Dogster mail and saw this notice about winning a computer and helping Schipperke ironic.
The Midwest Schipperke Rescue has given permission to cross post so if you know anyone who would like a chance at a new computer pass it on;
Win a laptop computer, wireless router, webcam and wireless printer for a $5 ticket!! Know any college students who need a computer? Always wanted a laptop? Buy a raffle ticket now and get a computer package worth over $1000 for $5.00!

Midwest Schipperke Rescue and have combined to offer a laptop computer package in a raffle to benefit schipperkes all over the US and Canada. Please click this link below for details. PayPal accepted.

We hope this will be a huge fundraiser for our two groups, we are getting more and more schipperkes surrendered each year so the money is needed more than ever. Even if you don’t win the computer, your donation will go directly to help rescued schipperkes to pay for veterinary services and care. Thank you in advance for any help given in the name of rescued schipperkes.


The photo is of my friend Robert, Borzoi owner, lurecoursing enthusiast,and dog lover extrordinaire.The woman in the photo is of course the incomparable Emmylou Harris who uses her fame to make life better for our canine companions by rescuing dogs who are scheduled to be euthanized by the city and finding them homes.

Till next post, Happy Tails everyone and Happy Birthday to my dog Puff!