Can't Afford a Purebred? Think Again!

Two weeks ago, I was trolling the local shelters to check for breeds I help to rescue and noticed a Scottie had been picked up by our local dog catcher that afternoon.Later that weekend I saw a post on Craigslist looking for a Scottie to adopt.I emailed Jasmine the woman hoping to find a Scottie, and as luck would have it she was very interested in rescuing the Scottie at the pound.
Jasmine drove from out of state to see her.The dog greeted her like an old friend and Jasmine knew they were meant for each other.She had owned Scotties for years.But she was told she would have to wait before the dog was available for adoption.Susie, the Scottie was young and thin but apparently no worse for wear.However she failed her temperment test. Because of liability issues the dogs being adopted must pass the temperment test or they will be put down.
The pound called Jasmine and told her the bad news...Jasmine insisted she must adopt Susie and he said come back in a week and they will evaluate her again. Jasmine went back to the pound in all the bad weather and they brought Susie out for her to see.They brought her out of the EUTHANASIA ROOM! Jasmine was almost too late!
The head honcho of Animal Control observed them together and agreed to let her adopt Susie.
Because she was going to be euthanized and not adopted they had not spayed her so Jasmine then had to wait all day for the spay and drive her home still under the effects of anesthesia in bad weather.TALK ABOUT PERSEVERANCE!
Kudos to Jasmine for saving Susie's life.She says Susie is doing great and even gets along with her Saddlebreds and the mule on her farm.
If you think you can't afford a purebred, think again.They end up at the shelter too.You can see from the photo Susie is a top quality Scottie.
Go to and put in your zip code to search for dogs at shelters near you.
Happy tails!
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