Dressing up the Basic Biscuit

Some dogs will do anything for a treat. This holiday season dress up your basic Milkbone or other dog biscuit with a thin layer of low sodium or sodium free peanut butter to add some low cost pizazz to the daily treat.

And since you are spending time in the kitchen anyway,melt some carob chips and dip those dog biscuits for a very special holiday look. Lay them on wax paper over nite in the fridge and the next day you will have a special treat comparable to those expensive gourmet treats at the pet store.Carob for those who don't know, is a safe alternative to chocolate and chocolate is BAD for your dog because dogs cannot tolerate an alkaloid called theobromine.So this holiday season make sure your dog is kept away from the candy.Instead, dress up the basic biscuit to make him feel part of the fun!

Until next post,happy tails to all.