Happy Howliday !

Happy Howlidays everyone!
Yesterday I was speaking with my friend Dawn who is one of the best puppy parents I know.She asked me about feeding her darling Ginger pineapple,after all,dogs are omnivores, right?
Right! Dogs are omnivores,but that doesn't mean fresh slices of pineapple won't give your pup a stomachache or worse.Now before you email me and tell me your dog eats mangos and bananas with relish(pun intended),think about this..
in a natural environment your dogs ancestors ate wild game such as rabbits and that meant consuming the contents of their stomach of partially digested vegetation.When the rabbit ate, his stomach delivered specific digestive enzymes to break down the vegetation and the wild dog ingested those too.Dogs have enzymes to break down heavy food fiber but not in the quantity that they have to digest meat.Pineapple is heavy in the fiber department and not really a good fruit choice for dogs.
Better choices would be apples and blueberries.Root vegetables such as sweet potatoes and carrots are great for dogs.In the wild they would dig up root vegetables,and a carrot is always a good substitute for a calorie laden treat if your pup is pudgy.
One more thing quickly as Puff is waiting to open his presents....
If you have been considering doing a good deed for your New Year resolution consider this- many servicemen called to duty in Iraq have had to give up their beloved dogs.You can help one of our soldiers by fostering his dog until he returns safely home.
Contact rescue groups in the locality of the nearest military base to you,they will have a number of soldiers dogs who need fostering.
Until next post,everyone have a Merry Christmas !