Winter Reminder

We beg you to remember that winter weather poses a greater threat of exposure to anti-freeze and salt chemicals that can seriously damage your dogs kidneys and even kill.Be extra diligent when your dog is out for a walk with you and wipe off those paws when he comes in.
Also,turning down the thermostat does more than just lower your heating bill and save energy.It helps your dog adjust when he goes outside.
Many dog owners see a lot of white flakes, not only falling from the sky but also in their dogs'coat this time of year due to the extra dryness they experience from artificial heat. To help remove those white flakes,use a ladies stocking and rub over the coat.The static from the nylon will help pick those dandruff flakes out of the coat.
Be sure to use a coat spray in between baths to help fight dryness.
I use a simple spray made up of 30 drops essential oil of lavender,8 ounces distilled water and 2 ounces of vodka.Slowly in a ceramic or glass container add the oil (you can sub jojoba oil and tea tree for really dry skin,20 drops jojoba and 10 drops tea tree oil ) to the vodka,seal tightly and leave overnite, then add to the distilled water.I then put in an empty spray bottle and shake when ready to use.Voila! I have just saved $11.00 dollars on coat spray.
The distilled water helps the hair follicles absorb the moisture from the oils.
Until next time -happy tails to all