Xylitol Laced Peanut Butter Could Kill Your Dog

photo DIY Natural

Peanut Butter has recently become a danger to dogs since some manufacturers have begun using the toxic (to canines ) ingredient Xylitol. This week alone I have already heard of 3 cases caused by this artificial sweetener. It is typically found in gum and toothpaste among other things but because peanut butter is so popular in homemade treats and as a way for owners to give medications to their dogs, the number of dogs adversely affected has skyrocketed lately.
It causes a severe drop in blood sugar, symptoms include weakness, wobbliness, a lack of co-ordination, collapse and seizures resulting in irreversible brain damage. If not treated immediately the dog will die.
What can you do to prevent this?? READ THE LABEL! And remember that MANY store bought pastries and other foods contain Xylitol so it is time to rethink what tidbits you are giving your dog..or it could cost him his life.