What They Aren't Telling You About The Current Canine Flu Outbreak

Yesterday I went to the outdoor flea market without a dog companion.
People and their dogs would be coming from all over the country and the canine influenza is spreading fast. Our local news reported the average cost of treatment in my city is five thousand dollars! I nearly fainted. Like with humans, puppies and senior dogs are most at risk. The current dog flu vaccine is not made to protect against the current H3N2 strain of dog flu. And pharma says it will be at least 6 months before a vaccine for the current outbreak can be ready.

But here is what you don't know..

For decades, the American Government has been very proactive in preventing a pandemic flu out break for humans. This dog flu outbreak is an H3N2 strain and the government tested elderberry extract and found it effective on the H3N2 virus. Yes, let me repeat that. Our own government has tested and found elderberry extract effective against H3N2.

I learned about this in 2013 when my city had a serious outbreak of H3N2 and a number of people died. Our company offered free flu shots but I am chemically sensitive and not allowed to receive vaccines. What was I to do? I asked some friends who are also chemically sensitive and they told me they had great luck using elderberry extract. One friend said her husband had been exposed and did not develop the flu.
As luck would have it, 3 close friends developed H3N2 and I was exposed. I drank elderberry tea and took the extract and was never sick. It is often called Natures' Tamiflu .With the current dog flu outbreak I feel strongly that all dog owners need to be aware of this. Consult your holistic vet, but the general dosage is 15ml per 100lbs of body weight 4 times a day.  For a 15 lb dog I use 1 ml to to 1/2 ml. Too much elderberry causes loose stool but I have found this dosage is fine for most dogs. You might want to start at a lower dosage the first few days just so your dogs' system can acclimate. I sometimes also give elderberry tea, 3 teaspoons with a drop of honey. Elderberry is rich in bioflavinoids and actually destroys the  flu on a cellular level. A natural laxative and diuretic, it also helps ease the cough associated with heart issues in older dogs too. If you don't have any on hand, get some today . At about 12 dollars a bottle it is a good investment in your dogs' well being.