Apple Cider Vinegar and Your Dog

Everyone knows that apple cider vinegar has a ton of health benefits. It balances the body ph and helps detoxify us. Did you know that by adding a teaspoon to a bowl of water you can help cut down the urine odor when your dog urinates? Or that mixing it with club soda and washing down concrete areas that your dog has pee'd on will help get the urine smell out of the concrete? My mom did this for years and it really works. Or that you can mix it with a dog safe essential oil like lavender and spray it on your dog to help repel fleas? That would be 4 oz of vinegar plus 4 oz distilled water, to 10 drops lavender. Geranium oil works very well too and also repels mosquitos.
But my favorite use for ACV is as a rinse after a bath. I always add one cup to a gallon of warm water and rinse my dog to eliminate soap residue which can lead to itchy skin and scurfy dandruff. Then I rinse that out with clear water. It works on your hair too!