Is The AKC Dead?

  It seems some people are trying to kill it. Lately there has been a lot of attacking the AKC. Formed
in 1884 to register purebred dogs and maintain pedigrees,they oversaw dog shows and performance events as the wins of those dog shows needed to be accurately maintained for pedigree purposes. In 1888, they published their magazine, The AKC Gazette which has educated many a dog fancier.   If it was 1930 and you had a female Wire Fox Terrier that you wanted to breed to the best top quality male Wire Hair possible, it was the AKC records that you depended on to verify that Champion Wins Alot indeed really was the dog his owner claimed he was. Why is that important? Because responsible breeders must have accurate records. 

How else are they going to maintain the breeds we love?

But the AKC is under attack by people who pretend to love dogs. In the very near future, a documentary will be playing in most major cities, titled Dog by Dog, it takes a hard look at the horror of puppy mills. And they point fingers at the AKC as well. If you have read this blog before then  you know I have said many times that a line must be drawn in the public mind between responsible breeders and irresponsible breeders. In reality, that line is more blurred each day in the public mind. I walked away from a very lucrative job because the CEO would not stop ranting about how horrible dog breeders are...ALL dog breeders.They are being lumped together. And on Facebook there are people wanting to  petition the AKC, people leave comments threatening death to dog breeders, death to the AKC, they talk about how the AKC should suffer just like the dogs do. 

OK, I admit I have had feelings like that toward puppy mills and people who exploit puppies for profit.

They are the lowest of the low. But in fact, most irresponsible puppymills and backyard breeders breed CKC, Continental Kennel Club stock. CKC was started by puppy mill owners when the AKC denied their privleges because they could not prove the accuracy of their breeding records and would have to have their dogs DNA tested. CKC dogs do not require DNA, therefore they can be bred over and over and over.

This means that it is completely impossible for CKC breeders to develop bloodlines free of hereditary defects and  explains why CKC  registered dogs have so many health problems which is proportionately higher than AKC registered dogs. Any vet tech can tell you that.

Unhealthy puppy mill dogs are BIG profit for the veterinary industry as their new owners do all they can to make them better. How many  puppies are born in puppy mills each year? 2.5 million is the estimate  according to The Puppy Mill Project. The majority are CKC  registered because of the DNA requirement for AKC dogs frequently bred. That doesn't mean that AKC dogs don't make their way into puppy mills. They do.  Puppy mill owners love AKC papers because they can get more money for an AKC registered dog. How do AKC dogs get into the puppy mill system? Owners die and estates sell off the dogs as property as required by law when owners don't include their dogs in the will. They don't care who the buyer is. Puppy millers also pretend to be loving wonderful buyers and pick up dogs on Craigslist and they buy dogs in foreign countries, like Mexico and with foreign registration in order, legally apply for AKC registration, just like a responsible breeder who sometimes goes out of the country for new bloodlines. If an AKC registered puppy  dies in a mill, it's papers are put with another puppy and sold for higher dollars. They never let those papers go to waste.

It is going to be impossible to remove AKC papers from mills until mills are stamped out.

People like the previously mentioned FB AKC haters never look at the big picture. They obsess over their own version of the world as they want it to be and in doing so injure the very people who are trying to maintain the health and breed type of the breeds we love, responsible breeders. Breeders who health test and certify their dogs, breeders who maintain accurate records, check out prospective owners and only place in pet homes with spay neuter contracts are being hurt badly by the anti AKC propaganda currently being spread.Yet these very groups who attack AKC never speak of the CKC puppies.
Remember, there are no responsibly bred CKC puppies. A responsible breeder must choose the most genetically healthy stock to breed from. Even if a CKC dog is bred  in a home, with proper veterinary care, it still carries the puppy mill genes of bad health and genes pass on. With a lack of DNA testing to verify parentage, and a very lenient CKC registration requirement, bad health is impossible to stamp out. These activist groups never bring this very important fact up. They never ever  put the blame where it really the lap of the Continental Kennel Club..why is that? Isn't it obvious?  Indeed,
without puppy mills, how are these national rescue organizations going to collect donations?

 It seems an ulterior motive is afoot.

This is Puppymill Action Week, lets work to stamp out puppy mills, not the AKC. If the AKC ended tomorrow it would not make a dent in the puppy mill situation since most have CKC papers, the puppy millers would just keep on. Make an effort this week to educate people that by purchasing a CKC dog they are not getting the long history of accurate breeding records such as the AKC provides.  Remind people that pet store puppies come from irresponsible breeding practices. Adoption is my personal choice but if you want a healthy puppy with parents certified free of certain genetic problems, your only choice in the U.S. is a responsible AKC breeder.

Responsible dog breeders never sell to pet stores.

 Legislation won't stop puppy mills. Movie documentaries won't stop puppy mills either. Only people can do that. Educate your friends, your co-workers and your neighbors.

When people stop buying from irresponsible breeders,  then irresponsible breeding will stop.