Dear Pet People..Wise Up. Stop Bashing Dog Breeders.

        This is my beloved dog, adopted from a kill shelter, he comes from a most horrific puppymill pedigree. Yes he is a little doll, and I love him to the moon and back, but from a purebred point of view he harbors so many conformation faults that he barely can pass as a recognizable breed.

Why is that important you ask? Because for starters, knowing the health history and temperment of a breed is important in assessing how well a dog is a match for your family. If it didn't matter, then Petfinder and all the other rescue sites would advertise all mixed breeds as mutts...which is what they are.Only they don't. They advertise them as purebred mixes so that the potential adopter has an idea of what kind of dog they are getting. If your needs or wants for a companion dog requires a quiet, tiny nonshedding breed then a German Shepherd mix isn't for you.
And while I am a big advocate for adoption, making disparaging remarks that damages responsible dog breeders is throwing out the baby with the bathwater.
Today I saw this note being shared thousands and thousands of times on Facebook and I was livid!
I have been steaming over this for is what  the thousands of people sharing this note don't realize:
if responsible breeders stopped breeding there would be no healthy purebred dogs, only dogs with questionable backgrounds. Dogs whose parents never got their heart or eyes checked for hereditary problems, never had their hips certified clear so that their puppies don't have to suffer with hip issues. And never had proper veterinary prenatal care or puppy socialization.
People who truly love dogs understand that responsible breeders are the ones who research health problems and keep valuable data on health issues for other responsible breeders and  scientific canine health researchers.

 Beware of people out there who only want to be labeled 'rescuers' so that you can pat them on the back for their good deeds.
 They care more about themselves than the dogs they rescue, and those are the kind of people who create these memes.
Propaganda like this makes them feel good about themselves but in the long run, it hurts all dogs, mixed and purebred.
 Wise up, don't buy into the myth that dog breeders are bad.It was responsible dog breeders who created the breeds we know and love. And we need those responsible dog breeders now more than ever before to preserve the health and integrity of those breeds.
Puppymillers are lazy opportunists who exploit dogs.
Dog breeders didn't put those dogs on death row...Puppymillers and the irresponsible owners that buy from them did.
I wish uninformed people would come to the realization that puppymill owners are NOT dog breeders, and that by labeling them as such does harm to the many dedicated, responsible breeders who sacrifice their own time and money for the breed they love.