DIY Pet Hair Release Odor Busting Vacuum Carpet Powder

You can purchase carpet products to use with your vacuum to help eliminate pet odor and 'release pet hair' from the carpet.Or, you can make your own and save that money. You probably already have the ingredients in your house.Some store bought carpet powders contain phtalates and formaldehyde which have been linked to hormone disruption,cancer,infertility,ashma and allergies. They are not required to list the ingredients on the container and pets lay on the carpet breathing in these toxic chemicals. Here is how to make your own carpet powder that in my opinion,out performs the store bought ones. In a bowl, add 1/3 cornstarch with 1 cup baking soda and add 1/3 cup crushed dried lavender. Mix well, then add it to a recycled shaker can. I prefer to use a mortar and pestle to crush the dried lavender but your hand or a sifter will do fine. It is my fragrance of choice because it is calming and has germ killing properties. Dogs' sensitive noses seem to like it. I don't use essential oil in this mixture because it takes away from the dry powder consistency you need.In addition, some essential oils are toxic to pets. I also don't want to use oily products on my rugs. The commercial carpet powder manufacturers will tell you to test for colorfastness and I will too. But I have had no issues using this DIY version and you see it pictured here on an antique vegetable dyed rug.

     Cornstarch releases the static lock that the carpet has on pet hair and the baking soda neutralizes doggy odor while the lavender makes the room and your vacuum smell delightful. Of couse you can omit the lavender if you don't like the fragrance. Dried orange peel ground to a coarse powder will work as well. Be sure to vacuum in cross directions to help pick up those dog hairs. This is a safe, cost effective, non toxic way to keep your carpets smelling fresh. Because the lavender will scent the room you can eliminate toxic air fresheners. Products like Febreze have proven harmful to small animals so why would you want to spend money on that? Our homes are often filled with cleaning chemicals that are toxic to our dogs. This simple recipe makes for a healthier environment and saves you money.