An Unlikely Place for Free Dog Products

A few years back I was 'between jobs' and took a commission job in a perfume and cosmetics store. My boss, Janel was stunningly beautiful and a part -time fashion model. Her personal clientele in the store were rich and often famous. So you can imagine my shock to learn that she got a lot of pet products for her four rescue dogs by...dumpster diving. She belonged to a group of dumpster divers called the Dumpster Dogs (seriously)and they went around town to the different pet stores and dove into their dumpsters looking for discards ( I should mention they also went to high end clothing stores). One night after closing the store, Janel invited me to participate in a dive at a nearby pet store at the mall. We sat in the parking lot and watched the pet store employees bring out shopping carts full of beds, leashes,collars, brushes, all kinds of stuff! I watched but didn't participate as I have a thing about rats and mice even though Janel said she had never seen one in a store dumpster.
The stores rip the packaging or use sharpies to mark product so that no one will dive for it and bring it back in the store for a cash refund. But if your dog doesn't care that his bed has a sharpie mark on it, it might be something to consider. To tell you the truth, I don't know if dumpster diving is considered legal but I believe that it is... I recently checked a couple of different pet stores, and yes, they still throw away perfectly good stuff...