Dog Dies at Groomers of Heat Stroke

Fox News posted this story today about a young childs Poodle who was put in a drying cage and left to die of heat prostration.

I get so mad when I hear of such stories. The woman reponsible should be convicted as there is no excuse for what she did to that fact there is no excuse for ANY grooming establishment to EVER put a dog in danger under hot dryers because if the groomer was doing your dog correctly, the dog would be hand dryed on a grooming table.
When choosing a groomer, look for one who advertises that all dogs are hand dryed. Oh, and groomers don't give me that we hand dry long-coated dogs and only cage dry the short coats, because I can tell you that even the short coats look better when PROPERLY hand dryed.
There is a trick to making a short coat lay properly to give it the most sheen and if you have a short- coated dog that you take to a salon for bathing then grill your groomer about it. I never, ever, ever cage dryed a dog as a groomer and the ones who do are just being lazy.

I have walked into the back of too many groom shops and seen cages stacked with dogs under fryers, I mean dryers, and the groomers so often lay towels over the door and cage vents to speed the drying process. People, this is so dangerous it should be illegal!

Some of the larger pet store chains with in- store grooming salons now have dryers with timers on them that shut down after ten minutes. These stores do this in an effort to prevent heat prostration deaths. I have no doubt that some deaths have been prevented by these timers but a dog with anxiety issues or a bracycephalic breed like a Peke, Jap Chin, Pug or Boxer can easily die within that ten minutes.
The only real way to prevent these unnecessary deaths is to groom properly and dry by hand. Groomers think they are saving time cage drying but they aren't....I hand dryed and got out plenty of dogs in one day. Yes, sometimes my assistants/friends Monte and Stacy hand dryed for me when I had a lot of dogs to groom but the dogs were dryed by hand nonetheless. If you want them to be safe, you dry them by hand, if you want them to look their best, you dry them by hand,anything else is a disservice to the dog and the customer.
If you take your dog to a groomer you should demand hand-drying. Don't put your dog at risk, they have enough unpleasantries to deal with at the average groom shop ( like clipper burn because groomers won't buy enough blades).

And if for whatever reason your dog shows signs of heat stroke, rapid cooling down is imperative, but remember this important not use ice water to cool down the dog as it makes the blood flow away from important organs, like the brain. Use cool, not cold water.