Shedding is Chic...

When I was showing Afghan Hounds, we had friends from Florida that wanted all the hair we collected from grooming. They also collected hair from Samoyeds and other similiar coated breeds. They spun it into yarn and made stuff like vests and blankets from it. Personally, I didn't want to wear my dog, I thought it was creepy and besides I had so many to groom I was already covered in hair 24/7.

However this post in the L.A. Times is very cool!

Just think, this lovely Duchese Brise photographed in Paris is covered in mohair.....perhaps upholstering it in dog hair would solve a lot of our cleaning problems...many fine Persian rugs are woven in goat hair and camel hair, why not a dog hair rug?
Perhaps dog hair could be a substitute for cashmere,after all, cashmere has to be combed out of the goat by hand too, that is why it is so expensive. I can't imagine looking in my closet and trying to decide if I will wear Akita hair or Briard...I wonder would the clothes smell like dog when they got wet?
Well it would be a great way to recycle...
...anyway, it seems we now have an important reason to save the hair our dogs shed....we can sell it to craft people!