Unsung Dog Rescue Heros

Not having had the best weekend,( I put my Ipod in the washer and fell face first into poison ivy) this morning found me out very early enroute to the store. As I was driving, I noticed over on a grassy knoll, just off of Interstate 65, was a woman sitting in the damp grass, kissing a Brittany Spaniel on the cheek, both arms around him, she began to whisper in his ear.
I wondered if she had a vehicle breakdown and was waiting for assistance, but then I saw her van, with the door up and loaded with dog crates...I did a U-turn as I realized why she was there.
''Hi'', I said,'' is this a rescue dog in transit?
He was indeed. He was called Jake.This lovely red and white purebred was found wandering in Oklahoma. His owner was never located and no one at animal control adopted him. He was pulled from the High Kill facility and arrangements were made to locate a person willing to foster him.Finally a forever foster was Delaware. A show breeder was willing to foster him until a permanent home could be found, if no one wanted him, then he would be at the foster forever, hence the name, forever foster home.
The woman I met had driven Jake all the way from Oklahoma to Nashville and she sat on the grassy knoll waiting for someone who was traveling from Florida to pick him up and transport him to Delaware. Just a month ago I met a woman on the same grassy knoll with a gorgeous Bassett Hound. She was there waiting for another person to pick the Bassett up and transport it to Rhode Island. In all, the Bassett Hound would transfer rides five times to get to her new home.
These women ( and some men) are truly unsung heros in the dog rescue network. They are all over the U.S. networking, through various means, (Craigslist is a big contact )and spending their own money, time,and wear and tear on their vehicles to make sure these dogs get to caring homes.
No one gives them money, the dollars we donate don't get to them.
They do it because it has to be done....
Jake would have been euthanized without this transport network...and so would so many other dogs.These women are the REAL weekend warriors, fighting for the lives of homeless dogs who can't get placed locally. And what was she whispering in Jakes' ear? That he was safe and had a happy life ahead of him.I think he understood....