Legislators Make Dining With Your Dog Legal

I must admit going to the grocery store is less mundane when one can occasionally stand in line behind celebrities like Michael Mcdonald,Miley Cyrus and Sheryl Crowe, (Lattes,DVD's and organic beer,in case you wondered) but what I really enjoy is the outdoor cafe at Whole Foods where you can dine with your dog, like this couple I recently snapped enjoying some time with their well-mannered Basenji.
This week, Tennessee legislators passed a pro dog bill making it legal to dine in outdoor areas of restaurants...I say it is about time as everyone is doing it anyway as I mentioned in a previous post back in March
What has surprised me is the resistance to this bill from so many people in East Tennessee.If they don't want to dine near a dog then they can just go inside and eat!

More and more cities are suddenly having 'pooches on the patio'according to Evangeline Mcmullien on the dog channel and to all those business owners, I say good for you! The more dogs are included in society and not left at home in the back yard the better behaved and better cared for dogs will be...(well maybe not, I see a Weimer climbing out of someones sun roof as I type this,lol)

I wanted to share this vid as I think the idea of having a standardized door sticker for dog friendly restaurants is a good one. In England, the Kennel Club gives Restaurant owners the stickers.
The people in East Tennessee will have to get over it, this is a dog trend that is here to stay...