A Calling to Dog Loving Teachers and HSUS is at it Again

My neighbor Melanie is an Elementary School teacher and home for the summer. Like most teachers, Melanie is very glad to have the summer off and she looks forward to puttering in the garden,doing some home improvements, and catching up on her reading.
But Melanie wanted to do more this summer,something charitable that she could contribute without taking her away from home....and she found the perfect summer charity work in fostering for a local rescue...which got me to thinking,if every teacher across the country who is home for the summer, took in just one foster, what a huge difference it could make for those rescue organizations!
And so I throw out this challenge to teachers across America, take in a foster today!
Just think, you could be fostering an adorable Chin like Kuma pictured above.
There are many dogs like little Kuma who have had to have surgery and need foster care. See more dogs like Kuma and find out how you can help here
Speaking of the Jap Chin folks,a big thank you to Pam, a West Virginia JC Care rep who sent me an article detailing more of HSUS' insane attempts to stop dog ownership...every one knows how I despise Wayne Pacelle and HSUS!
The article can be read in full at
I do however want to share some portions of this well written article by John Yates:
AVON LAKE, OH – 'The sky is not falling in this tranquil suburban town on the outskirts of Cleveland, but local animal rights activists are trying to convince the Avon Lake Municipal Council that a tough ordinance is needed to control “vicious dogs.”What’s happening in Avon Lake this week also is happening now in dozens of communities across America. Thus, we urge dog owners everywhere to read this report and be aware that what’s happening in Avon Lake may – and probably will – happen to you someday.In the Avon Lake draft ordinance, all dogs are by definition declared “vicious,” simply for acting like dogs. Normal and even desirable canine behavior would entrap a dog of any breed under this doomsday category. Even chasing a chipmunk or barking at a stranger would cause a dog to be declared vicious, under the terms of the latest draft ordinance.The entrapping language is very deliberate, and reflects one of the current tactics being exploited by radical animal rights groups, such as the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).HSUS has nothing to do with local humane societies, despite its misleading name. Instead, HSUS is the political arm of animal rights extremist groups. It seeks the gradual elimination of all animal ownership in America, which it sees as exploitation and slavery.Relying on an emotional campaign and the fear of “pit bulls” that has been carefully cultivated in the media, HSUS supporters are advancing so-called dangerous dog ordinances in many towns, cities, counties and states all across America. HSUS has been very successful at painting a picture of dog owners that is associated with criminal dog fighting rings, the drug and gang underworld, barbaric ethnic traditions, and mauled children.Facts are not the friend of HSUS, which relies only on emotion in swaying the media and public. The facts show a 200-percent reduction in reported dog bite incidents over the past 20 years, but HSUS does not want you to know this. The facts show that dog bites do not even rank in the top 20 causes of injury or death to children, and HSUS doesn’t want you to know that, either. Nor to they want you to think too hard about a very simple truth: probably 99-percent of all Americans have never even seen a dog fight or even heard of one where they live, and have never seen a drug gang on its home turf.The HSUS tactic, however, is to exploit emotion and fear to make people feel threatened by a problem that simply doesn’t exist. It’s a canine version of the swine flu pandemic scare, which has millions of people living in terror of a disease that has actually killed fewer people than the average January head cold.
To get around the unconstitutional nature of breed bans, the Avon Lake ordinance attempts to define a vicious dog by behavior. Unfortunately, the definition is so brad that every dog in America falls under its net.The draft ordinance defines a vicious dogs as any dog that has "approached in either a menacing fashion or an apparent attitude of attack, or has attempted to bite or endanger any person, cat, other dog, or animal (domestic or non-domestic)." Under that definition, a dog could be declared vicious if it:· Chases a chipmunk or squirrel.· Points a robin.· Barks at a burglar breaking through a window.· Acts threatened if a stranger approaches its kennel.· Defends its owner from physical attack by a mugger or rapist.· Chases the neighbor’s cat out of the flower garden.· Defends itself when attacked by a stray dog.' folks, tonite as you lay down to go to sleep, think for a moment what the world would be like without dogs,because if we don't stop Peta and her sister HSUS from entrenching their way into the public consciousness, our world will, one day, be dogless.