Your Right as a Pet Owner is in Jeopardy

I feel like Peta and Pacelles' H$U$ don't give us a chance to breathe any more. There is an unreasonably complicated bill inching it's way through Congress right now, H.R.669 that could easily be the beginning of the end of pet ownership in the U.S. if we let it pass.While it does not specifically affect dogs, some have raised the point that it could be interpreted to ban dogs not native to the U. S.(like Japanese Chin, Portugese Water Dogs,Beagles,etc.). There is no doubt that however you interpret this bill, animals and pets will be badly affected. Many birds are on the endangered species list and more of some species exist in the U.S. than in their rapidly disappearing habitat. This bill would put an end to that too. I love my lovebirds and would freak if I couldn't leave them in a bird sanctuary if I died. If this bill passes they could be euthanized, but not given to a bird sanctuary. This is scary stuff folks.

The video at this informative site will tell you how you can help, it will also show you the gravity of the situation....please do your part,and lend your support...

..also has lots of info, thanks Rick for making me aware. And you should go to National Animal Interest Alliance and use their capwhiz to easily email your representative and tell them you don't want some woman in Guam telling you you can't be a pet

Don't do it today, do it NOW because this bill is the subject of a hearing scheduled for April 23rd.