I Feel Like the Joan Crawford of Dog Moms

Wearing his festive Frog Prince Crown, Puff somewhat patiently waits in the office corner for me to get going and start his birthday festivities. Unbeknownst to him I completely forgot to stop at the See Spot Eat Dog Bakery and get his snowed today with bitter wind chill so we won't be going to the dog park. I didn't get him a thing for his birthday, and besides, what do you get a ten year old dog who has everything?
One thing I do, (and if you don't, it really is a good idea) is to put back toys and bring them out after a few months. Your dog will react as if they are new toys and yet you haven't spent a dime. Today I pulled George Bush out of the closet for Puff to chew on along with a bully stick, it seemed appropriate since I blame Bush for much of our economic woes anyway. Puff was quite happy to wear his special crown made from a toilet paper roll , while he attacked George Bush, chewed on his bully stick and ate a little shrimp from my week when it is 60 degrees again I will get some doggy cupcakes at the bakery and we will go to the park...after all, a dog is only ten once,meanwhile I feel like the Joan Crawford of Doggie Moms for forgetting....