Crufts, a Veritable British Institution

Am I the only person who thinks it odd that Eukanuba is a sponsor of Crufts and yet James Serpell, a major contributor to the recent hoopla surrounding the BBC's decision to not broadcast Crufts, is an advisor to the Iams Pet Food Company?
In case you missed it, the BBC aired a documentary created by animal rights extremists called Pedigree Dogs Exposed. It is pure sensationalism and contains many, many, many twisted facts that border on outright lies.Serpell is a major factor in this BBC doc as is a Stephen Jones, who, when wiki'd appears to be an atheist....and they have the nerve to equate dog breeders with Nazi's?...phew, I smell something.

That being said, you can still watch Crufts, it is more than a conformation show, there is agility,freestyle obedience to music, flyball and more.You can watch it at Crufts TV, or follow along on twitter (search KCLovesdogs), see some fabulous pix on flicker (some of them are posted here)or on youtube, and if you go to youtube, check out the vendors too.

You may be surprised that on CruftsTV you can watch the show live for free but have to pay to get into the archives...not surprising since the BBC took away their main source of income.Income that helped pay for a lot of dog owner education....