Bark Obama

The last few days it seems everyone is talking about the new puppy that will be living in the White House, myself included.
TV, radio,Peta, the AKC, the National Humane Assoc. (which is Peta for all practical purposes and not to be confused with the American Humane Assoc.) and of course the folks at my local dog park are all offering their opinions as to the best dog.
A couple months back I saw an interview where Senator Obama said the girls, (his wife and daughters) wanted a Standard Poodle and he wanted a Golden Retriever.
One of the daughters has allergies and a Poodle would be a most logical choice.
Besides, every little girl needs a Poodle to love once in her life. As a little girl, Poodles were my favorite breed and as a big girl, they are still one of my favorites.
There is a lot of public pressure for the Obama family to adopt. It would be the honorable thing to do and would undoubtedly benefit many of the dogs in shelters today since it would open the door to homes the world over who consider themselves “too good” to adopt a pet no one else wants. That stigma would be eliminated.
And they can still have the Poodle puppy they want. Just this week my local Craigslist had an 8 week old Standard Poodle puppy up for adoption. My own Standard Poodle was a rescue although he was 8 years old and not 8 weeks.
Still he was one of the finest dogs I have ever known.
His life began as a Canadian show dog, bred with great regard to the health and soundness,temperament and beauty of his bloodline. He was sold as a puppy show prospect and as a puppy he did his share of winning in the show ring. But his owners had marital problems, not the least of which was cocaine and alcohol.
One day while the husband was out of town on business, the wife spitefully had the dog neutered to anger her husband as neutered dogs cannot be shown. Buddy, the sweet tempered and beautiful Poodle suddenly found himself passed from one home to the next, unwanted.
When he came to me, he had been in five different homes and his last home was
a barn where he had lived in a horse stall for months. His food and water were placed in barrels so that he didn't have to be tended to every day. His barrel held 50 lbs of food and Buddy would literally go weeks without seeing a human. He lived in his own excrement and was grossly overweight. I received a phone call one day asking if I could foster him temporarily until a permanent home was found. I said yes, and as soon as I saw him knew his permanent home was with me.
I had to take over one-third of his body weight off of him and his teeth were black as midnight from tarter and he was shaved bald, I mean really bald because he was so impossibly matted.But his regal bearing typical of Standard Poodles shone through. Because he was well- bred from a top kennel who focused on good health he was not afflicted with common problems like hip dysplasia, juvenile cataracts, or arthritis even though he was a geriatric canine. He became a real showstopper looks-wise, acquired his Canine Good Citizen title and was the inspiration for our Historical associations' Canine Good Neighbor Award which is awarded every October.
The late Irving Waugh,the past owner of National Life Insurance Corp. and owner of an NBC affiliate, once told me he was the greatest gentleman he had ever known, including man and beast.
And Standard Poodles' are in fact real ladies and gentlemen. Charming, well-mannered, intelligent, protective, willing to please, and always a sense of humor. A perfect choice for the White House.
Although with foreign relations being what they are now, perhaps the Obamas' should consider a Black Russian Terrier or Borzoi.....
in any event,I hope they name the new pup Bark, it has a nice ring to it.